Avoiding Foreclosure in CA

How to Avoid Foreclosure in California Infographic

If you live in California and you have gotten a foreclosure notice at your door, think that there are alternatives to keep your home and avoid foreclosure. We have seen many families who have lost their homes just because they were not aware of all the help and free counseling available in many sites such as StopForeclosuresHelp.com.

If you are facing foreclosure and you are considering alternatives such as Forebearance, Deed in Lieu of foreclosure, or even other options such as Bankruptcy or a Short Sale and many other, you must read and understand the whole picture of a foreclosure process and how it can impact you in the short term but also for the long term, for example reducing your credit score so later you will need a credit repair service. We know how hard is to get your house and then how problematic can be to be close to losing it just because you are some payments delayed.

Recall that there is free legal aid from expert foreclosure lawyers in California that you can call and they will guide you on the best options according to your case, needs and affordability.

Infographic in how to Avoid Foreclosure in California

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