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Personalized, Compassionate and Effective Financial Legal Guidance since 1994

Grand Law Firm has been serving the greater Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas for over 20 years. Our firm focuses on Debt relief, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and Estate Planning law.

At Grand Law Firm we believe in client-focused business practices, meaning that we see and treat each of our clients as individuals with varied needs, goals, and hardships. Our dedication to our clients means that we spend time explaining the different options, processes, and steps related to his or her case from start to finish

Since 1994 we have assisted thousands of clients find millions of dollars of debt relief through bankruptcy or debt settlement, we have eased the burden of property damage and medical bills through personal injury settlements and guided individuals and families in planning for the generations after they have passed in estate planning.

At Grand Law Firm, we don't just work the case for you; we work the case with you.