Loss Mitigation Training

Loss Mitigation Training Empowers You to Strike a Better Deal

Help Foreclosure

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your mortgage payments, then the loss mitigation training information that we provide here will empower you to negotiate with the loss mitigation dept of the bank who loaned you the money to buy your home. This department of a bank will try to reduce the bank's losses on your failing mortgage loan by avoiding foreclosure in favor of other less expensive strategies that it will negotiate with you. These possibilities typically include short sales, mortgage modifications, and temporary forgiveness of payments. You need to understand these concepts because loss mitigation departments negotiate from the bank's perspective, and may not offer the best deal from your point of view up front.

Although loss mitigation offices often have staff that is friendly people with a genuine desire to assist, these clerks do however also have to work within their bank loss mitigation policy. The key is to make friends with the loss mitigation department consultant allocated to you, as opposed to treating them as if they were an enemy. That way you will work together better, and agree the best solution for both parties.

There are two important keys to a successful loss mitigation outcome. The first of these is to have a good mortgage payment record that proves that you are a genuinely honest person. The second key is to demonstrate that you are truly unable to service your loan by providing documented numbers. These figures include income, monthly expenses, and any other recent financial shocks.

When you avail yourself of the services of the loss mitigation training course provided here, you will be in a better position to stop foreclosure, avoid a bad credit record, and will no longer have to accept your home loss either.