Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates are the Key to an Affordable Home Loan

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are an expression of the cost of a home loan over time regarding a percentage of debt. This rate may be stable for the duration of the loan, or go up and down with the economy. It may also start low and then rocket up after a few years. Many borrowers do not understand the implications of this, and the reasons why they are suddenly no longer able to pay for their homes. This is why we place so much emphasis on understanding mortgage interest rates here.
Homeowners, especially those taking out home mortgages for the first time, tend to focus just on current mortgage rates when determining the affordability of a new loan. We advise them to do multiple forecasts on a mortgage calculator too, to determine how a steep rise in interest rates might affect them. That way, they will have fewer worries about future refinancing mortgage rates, and may never need to concern themselves about the affordability of their bonded houses.
Consumers who take out fixed interest loans should consider approaching banks from time to time to find out if a good refinances deal could bring their monthly payments down. The same rule applies if they decide to do this, and this principle is to calculate the consequences of a change in interest rates very carefully. Sudden swings in bank mortgage rates have left many unwary borrowers unprotected.
The safest conservative option is a 30 Year loan at a fixed low-interest rate. Factors that may advise against this are current high rates today and a shorter time to retirement. Borrow wisely, stop foreclosure on your loan and avoid a bad credit record too when you keep our advice on mortgage rates in mind.

Latest Mortgage Rates

Type Last Week Today Change
5/1 Year ARM 3.99% 3.92% -0.018%
30 Year Fixed Mortgage 3.94% 3.89% -0.013%
15 Year Fixed Mortgage 3.75% 3.7% -0.013%

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