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Additional Info

Attorney Rich Masana is here to help you personally with any of your bankruptcy concerns. Contact him today for a free consultation.

Bankruptcy might not be your best option. Particularly, if the majority of your overall debt is consolidated among very few creditors as chances are you can reach some sort of compromise or agreement. If all else fails though filing Bankruptcy can give you a chance to rebuild your finances and get things back in order.

After a careful review of your particular situation and consideration of factors including but not limited to number of creditors, type of debt, amount of debt, existence of judgments obtained, current active wage garnishments, along with other information, you will not receive a general price for filing as with most bankruptcies. Instead you find a customized price to address your individual situation.

My practice areas are solely Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. However, I am not only am I a bankruptcy attorney but I also have years of experience as a supervisor in the mortgage servicing industry and can assist you with loss mitigation if keeping your house is your primary goal in filing bankruptcy. My senior paralegal is also available to assist you with your filing, bringing 30 years of experience specifically in the Colorado bankruptcy courts.

You may not even need to file bankruptcy, but if it's a consideration, I would enjoy meeting you for a free consultation to discuss your options.


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