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Full Service Trial Practice in State and Federal Courts.

Here at Scott L. Campbell Law Offices, L.L.C., we understand the intense social stigma and serious legal consequences of criminal charges. If you are convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor you could lose more than just your job. You could also lose basic freedoms such as possessing a firearm or the right to vote.

Scott L. Campbell Law Offices, L.L.C., is a general practice firm with extensive trial experience. This trial experience covers both civil cases and criminal cases. Some of the types of cases that are handled by our office are discussed in this website. However, they fall into two main categories. Civil cases and Criminal cases. Each case must be analyzed on its own merits, and each client's priorities must be discussed and taken into consideration when making the appropriate strategy for both civil and criminal cases. The office is fortunate to be staffed by two extremely veteran legal assistants, which help to facilitate successful outcomes to complicated problems.

Civil cases come in a variety of types. First, there is personal injury work. This type of lawsuit would involve claims of negligence or strict liability against people who have harmed you. Products liability cases are against people who have been injured by defective products. This would include vehicles, seatbelts, industrial equipment, and any other product which is defectively designed or manufactured.

Another type of civil case that would be handled by this law firm would include domestic cases. These are commonly known as divorces, which would be more accurately described as dissolution of marriage cases. Dissolution of marriage cases are treated similar to the dissolution of partnerships under Missouri law. Although, there are many different emotional issues involved in dissolution of marriage cases which are not involved in the dissolution of partnerships, such as children and acts of infidelity. Results in these type of cases are vigorously pursued with due regard for the client's financial resources.

This firm also handles paternity cases and adoption cases. Paternity cases are a type of civil action where the paternity of a child is determined by the court system. Many important rights may attach to this type of proceeding, such as the custody of the child, visitation rights with respect to the child, and child support obligations. Adoptions have some of the same rights involved as other domestic cases, and must be handled carefully.

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