Smythe & Huff An Association Of Attorneys

Smythe & Huff An Association Of Attorneys
  • Smythe & Huff An Association Of Attorneys
  • The Pilcher Building, Suite 333, 144 Second Avenue North,
  • Nashville, TN 37201

Area Practice

  • Civil Trial Practice
  • Federal Practice
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Collections
  • Creditors Rights
  • Creditor Bankruptcy
  • Liens
  • Construction Litigation
  • Foreclosures
  • Foreign Judgment Enforcement
  • Real Estate
  • Probate

Additional Info

A highly rated Law Firm.

Smythe & Huff is an association of attorneys representing local, regional, and national clients in the areas of commercial and construction litigation, creditors' rights, consumer and commercial debt collections, and judgment recoveries. Clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, and the scope of representation is always tailored to assert the client's legal rights in the most cost effective manner, given their resources and needs.

Commercial and Business Litigation:

Smythe & Huff represent financial institutions and other businesses in all facets of commercial litigation including: sales and lease disputes; banking litigation involving negotiable instruments, bank deposits, collections, secured transactions (Article 9) litigation, including perfection and priority disputes.

Contractors and Construction Material Suppliers:

Smythe & Huff represent contractors, subcontractors, and construction material suppliers in all facets of construction litigation. A substantial portion of the group's practice focuses on Mechanic's and Materialmen's lien claims, as well as bond claim enforcement.

Creditors' Rights:

Smythe & Huff represent creditors in all aspects of the bankruptcy process, including claims preparation, preferences and avoidance litigation, discharge and discharge ability objections, and claims enforcement. An active role is taken in the bankruptcy process, from claims negotiation to plan confirmation.

Collections and Judgment Recovery:

Smythe & Huff represent and counsel clients in all facets of credit transactions, including pre-default lender counseling on lender liability law, creditors' rights, and voluntary workouts. Post-default, the attorneys undertake judicial and non-judicial foreclosures and a variety of additional measures, including pre-judgment writs of attachment and other forms of injunctive relief. Clients are represented throughout any necessary litigation to enforce claims, in addition to all standard post-judgment remedies (garnishments, executions, levies, etc.). Investigation is also made into possible fraudulent conveyances and / or piercing the corporate veil when debtors seek to hide and / or dissipate assets.