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Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, Llc
  • Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, Llc
  • 1300 Caraway Ct Ste 101
  • Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Area Practice

  • Crime Victim Compensation Lawsuits
  • Monetary Recovery for Sexual Assault -Rape - Victims
  • Monetary Recovery for Crime Victims
  • Inadequate Security Cases
  • Negligent Security Cases
  • Premises Security Liability Cases
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Real Estate
  • Privacy Litigation
  • Privacy and Publicity
  • Right of Privacy
  • Video Voyeurism, Invasion of Privacy, Peeping Tom Litigation
  • Home invasions & residential robberies at rental apartment complexes
  • Land Use & Zoning Law.
  • Lawsuits for tenants victimized by home invasions, rapes & robberies at apartment buildings

Additional Info

Dedicated to securing the compensation crime victims deserve for their injuries.

Welcome to the Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, LLC.

Your Source for Crime Victim Representation in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Far too often, good people, such as innocent bystanders or residents within their own apartments, who are simply minding their own business are seriously injured due to another person's criminal act. When a crime victim's injuries happen on someone else's commercial property or within a business establishment, he or she may have the right to be compensated for those injuries.

At the Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, LLC, attorneys are experienced in video voyeurism-invasion of privacy-"Peeping Tom" litigation, home invasion liability, premises security liability, wrongful death, negligent security and inadequate security litigation. Attorney Stan Brown provides crime victim clients with an aggressive pursuit of their rights and helps them get through a difficult time in their lives. With nearly 30 years of legal experience, you can count on him to fight for your interests and the monetary recovery you and your family deserve.

Were you injured on someone else's commercial property, within a business establishment or on a rental apartment building property, due to another person's criminal act? You may deserve compensation. Contact the Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, LLC, for a free initial consultation to find out your legal options.

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