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Bankruptcy Lawyers in Nevada

If you are like many of our clients, you have probably agonized over the decision to file for bankruptcy or whether to stop paying your mortgage or stop paying your credit cards. As Northern Nevada's premier debtor bankruptcy law firm, our lawyers recognize that there is nothing easy about making the initial decision to file for bankruptcy or to face foreclosure or collection lawsuits. Chances are you have considered issues such as the relative costs and benefits of bankruptcy, your financial future after bankruptcy, the possible effect on your employment and prospective employment, and how your credit history or foreclosure may affect your ability to rent or purchase a residence or vehicle in the future. Our attorneys have the experience to quickly determine if filing for bankruptcy or allowing a short sale or foreclosure on your home is in your best interests, and options for your credit card debt, and if so, identify the type of Federal bankruptcy-Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or Chapter 11-that best suits your needs.

Our clients almost invariably tell us that they feel tremendous relief and renewed sense of hope after our initial meeting alone. Better yet, once the bankruptcy process is underway with our lawyers, threatening phone calls, letters and emails from creditors will come to an end.