Pepple Cantu Schmidt Pllc

Pepple Cantu Schmidt Pllc
  • Pepple Cantu Schmidt Pllc
  • 1000 2nd Ave Ste 2950
  • Seattle, WA 98104

Area Practice

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Transactions
  • Leases And Leasing
  • Syndication
  • Banking Law
  • Securities
  • Tax Exempt Financing
  • General Corporate
  • General
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Plaintiff'S Asbestos Litigation

Additional Info

Over 150 years of combined experience solving our client's legal issues. Call 206-625-1711

Pepple Cantu Schmidt PLLC is a specialty law firm representing clients in commercial real estate and business transactions, complex litigation, and toxic tort claims.

We take a very straightforward approach to providing legal services, which means we dispense with the unnecessary and expensive bureaucracy, infrastructure and overhead that are typically associated with large organizations. Our law firm is small, flexible and efficient, which allows us to serve our clients effectively.

PCS maintains offices in Seattle, Washington, and Clearwater, Florida. For additional information, please contact our firm administrator, Jeff Steinert.

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