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Remick West-Watt, Plc
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  • 2601 N Campbell Ave Ste 101
  • Tucson, AZ 85719

Area Practice

  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Title Issues
  • Financing and Security Agreements
  • Construction Liens
  • CC & Rs
  • Commercial Leasing Contracts
  • Eminent Domain
  • Condominium Development
  • Boundary and Easement Disputes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Shared Easement and Development Agreements
  • Communication Tower Easement Issues
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Homeowners Association Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Mortgages and other Financing
  • Foreclosures and Evictions
  • Land Use, Zoning and Planning
  • Title Reports and Disputes
  • Easements and Restrictions
  • Construction Disputes
  • Residential Land Development
  • Building Permits
  • Residential Sales and Closings
  • Construction and Tax Liens
  • Boundaries and Easements
  • Regulatory and Environmental Issues
  • Land Use, Zoning and Permits
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Landlord-Tenant Issues and Evictions
  • Foreclosure
  • Business Litigation
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company - LLC
  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • Business Formation
  • Business Sale Transactions
  • Banking and Creditor Issues
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Foreclosures
  • Business Torts
  • Drafting and Review of Contracts
  • Breach of Contract
  • Professional Liability
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Bond Actions
  • Business
  • Partner and Third-Party Matters
  • Corporate Formation
  • Corporate Dissolution
  • Contractual Litigation
  • High Asset Divorce
  • Custody and Child Support
  • Divorce and Legal Separation
  • Child Custody and Modification of Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Separation Agreements
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Division of Community Property and Tax Consequences
  • Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Additional Info

At the law firm of Remick West-Watt, PLC we provide cost-effective, comprehensive and aggressive legal representation with a practical approach.

Experienced Arizona Law Firm based in Tucson

Providing the results-oriented legal guidance you need

At Remick West-Watt, PLC, our mission is to provide competent, practical, results-oriented legal services to individuals and businesses in Arizona. We can be trusted to handle your legal matter effectively and to consistently advocate for your best interests while advising you on the practical approach that can best achieve your ultimate goals.

Business, real estate and divorce law firm in Tucson

At the helm of Remick Capp & West-Watt, PLC are two experienced and seasoned attorneys — Timothy P. Remick and J.M. Stanlee West-Watt. They have almost 60 years of combined experience serving the legal needs of clients in Arizona, California and Colorado. Attorney Robert Douglas Little, who is now retired, established the firm under the name of the Law Offices of Little & Little, P.C. in 1991.

Today, we focus on three areas of practice:

Real estate law, including commercial and residential

Business law, including corporate formation, transactions and dispute resolution

Family law, including high-asset divorce, child custody and support and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

Tucson Arizona law firm ready to serve you

We are prepared and experienced attorneys that are ready to provide representation for all your legal needs. Whether you need representation in a divorce, assistance with a real estate closing, or to form an entity to provide asset protection against liability, we can provide the legal advice and representation you need. From the initial consultation to the conclusion of a complex legal matter, we are here to provide aggressive representation with a practical approach.

Our attorneys carefully apply their thorough understanding of the law to make sure your financial interests and rights are protected and preserved. You can be confident that our experienced attorneys will manage your legal representation in an efficient and effective manner. Whether you need help from our attorneys buying or selling a home or commercial property, guidance from a divorce attorney or aggressive representation from a strong litigator to help resolve a contractual dispute, we are ready to serve you.

Skilled Tucson business and divorce attorneys

For those facing emotionally difficult family disputes or divorce, our attorneys provide sound, compassionate legal advice and representation. With their extensive qualifications and experience, they are prepared to advocate strongly for clients in even the most complex and demanding cases, including high-asset divorces and complicated child custody matters.

Legal contracts, agreements and resolutions provide a framework on which Arizona families and businesses can build and thrive. We work hard to protect the relationships and assets you value.

Contact us today.